Pastor Keith T. Jackson

is the founder and pastor of HOPE Ministries (est. April 2005) and in addition has helped to plant 3 churches throughout his ministry.

He began his journey with Jesus Christ while on vacation in Kentucky in 1985 and was later called to the ministry at the age of 23. His early years in ministry were spent in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, California, where he served in various capacities: Sunday school teacher, outreach coordinator, choir director, youth pastor, and assistant pastor. He later served as pastor of New Testament Revival Center in Llano, California. 

He and his wife of 26 years, Nathalie M. Jackson, have 4 children: Ashley, Eric, Bryan, and Kandice. He also has 3 grandchildren: Daniel, Nehemiah and Malachi.

Pastor Jackson is a man of prayer, fasting, Bible reading and evangelism. His genuine love and care for people has created the loving culture that is found here weekly at HOPE.

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